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About Beat It!

First, let me just say this:

                       I Love Music!

I've enjoyed many great adventures all of my life because of my love of music.  My first musical experiences were as an audience member:  watching the Beatles on t.v. in the living room, listening to the radio or records (yes...records) on a new hi-fi, and at concert halls and parks.  A few years later, I began taking lessons:  piano, guitar, then drums.
With music in my life, I've had some "wicked cool" adventures:  I've performed in a circus parade with a trio of full-grown elephants leading the way...I've watched the chuckwagon races at the Calgary Stampede...and sang the national anthem for the Minnesota Timberwolves.

A few years ago, I began thinking about songs that entertained other generations of musicians and audiences long before I was famous composers or not-so-famous composers.  I wondered if songs that were great in 'way back when' could they be transformed for the solo percussionists and percussion ensembles of today.  That is when I began arranging the music I offer exclusively through this website.

I also want to share the fun of "hands-on" experience with performers young and old.  With Beat It! percussion instruments, I can help someone "make some noise" with instruments that are simple, but fun to use.  You see, it's not rocket science to have a great time playing music.

I do not always have the chance to perform, but if I'm doing something musical -- anything at all -- I enjoy the same kind of satisfaction.  I use my hands and my brain in a way that allows me to exercise different parts of that musical skill set, even if it's only in my basement...until the sheet music or an instrument comes to life in someone else's hands.

Kind regards,


Sheet Music for Percussionists

Sheet Music for Mallet Percussion
It was my dream to create music for
all ages and all abilities.  You will find ensemble pieces, as well as solos
(with or without accompaniment).

Beat It! Percussion Instruments

Beat It! Percussion Instruments
Created with durability in mind, Beat It! products
were developed for kids, amateurs, pros, and everyone in between.

Some are built easy handling by children with small hands or music lovers who have a hard time grasping onto objects due to disability or arthiritis.

Handmade Cards/Gift Ideas

Keep in Touch with Friends
The musicians and music lovers in your life
will enjoy greeting cards and gift ideas with a
a musical twist.  Celebrate life's events or let someone special know you care.